#MediaProfessionals Assignment No. 5

Topic: Updates on Media Issues

Disney, Nestle and other major brands pulls their ads from YouTube

February 18, 2019, a YouTuber named Matt Watson in his channel MattsWhatItIs uploaded a video where he exposed that YouTube (being a content provider) supports and monetizes sexual exploitation of children through a “wormhole”. This “wormhole” as explained by Watson, allows pedophiles to track and trade child porn from different users through the comment section of the video being watched. The video had 3.3 million views and gaining mass media attention where he calls out advertisers to withdraw their ads from the site.

Within a few days, major brands like Disney, Nestle, Epic Games, Hasbro, Dr. Oetker, and AT&T pulled their ads as the issue continues to take over in the internet. Meanwhile, according to fandom.com, Youtube’s response regarding the controversy was to remove and suspend more than 400 YouTube channels as they are trying to fix the problem reporting offending users to law enforcement.

However, companies boycotting from the site would mean a great fear to other content creators and YouTubers for they will be wrongfully demonetized and banned from the site.

Watson’s call to action receives many criticisms from other content creators because of his wrong approach of calling out advertisers and using #Youtubewakeup stating that it would hurt creators to hurt in the long run and to discourage smaller or aspiring creators to contribute in the platform.





#MediaProfessionals Assignment No. 4

Topic: Updates on News Media Issues

Duterte Supporters attacks Rappler via Facebook posts

Photo from Rappler.com

Supporters of President Duterte trespassed on Rappler premises on Thursday afternoon, February 21, 2019 documenting via Facebook live as they denounce the media organization for tax evasion.

The supporters carry with them protest material stating “As a Filipino, I am going to hold Maria Ressa and Rappler accountable for destroying the image of my country” as well as “I am not a Filipino troll acting on anyone’s marching orders. I am 100% Filipino who can love this country more than an American will ever do.”

Several Duterte supporters who are running for office like Mocha Uson and Bato dela Rosa immediately reposted the video on Faceboook which ignited several DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporters) to comment and attack Ressa as well as Rappler.

               Rappler issued a statement on Friday, February 22 regarding the incident:

“We have been used to online attacks and lies against us by loyalists of the President. But this takes it to a new level. We have taken all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff. We will be the last to question any peaceful form of protest even if, and especially if, against us. But we take seriously the incitement to violence found in the post.”

                Facebook has taken down the post on the same day February 22, 2019.

Source: https://www.rappler.com/nation/224115-duterte-supporters-call-for-attacks-newsroom-journalists-february-2019

3rd Assignment: Top Universities in the Philippines and media organizations establish “Tsek.ph” for May 2019 elections

Philippines’ top universities partners with different media organizations for May 2019 elections fact-checking on February 11, 2019 at Quezon Hall for MOA signing of “Tsek.ph” spearheaded by UP College of Law, UP College of Mass Communication, and UP Department of Computer Science.

The said collaboration of different media organizations and universities is an initiative to launch “Tsek.ph” a fact-checking website to monitor news and information in connection with the upcoming 2019 elections.

Accordingly, the project is supported by Facebook Journalism Project, the Meedan group of open-source investigators of digital media, and the Macaranas Journalism Grant. This project will consequently invite more media partners in establishing a strong movement in fighting fake news and misinformation.

So far, the initial fact-checking partners are:

  • University of the Philippines
  • Ateneo de Manila University
  • De La Salle University
  • Rappler
  • Philippine Star
  • Vera Files
  • ABS-CBN Corp.
  • Radio World Broadcasting Corp.
  •  Interaksyon
  • Philstar.com
  • Probe Productions Inc.

UP CMC emphasized that the website is guided by the Code of Principles of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to help screen and supervise platforms, statements, and any election-related materials or campaigns circulating on social media and communities. These posts or materials will be rated as “accurate”; “false”; “misleading”; “no basis”; and, “needs context”. With the establishment of Tsek.ph, citizens can be involved in this interest and report statements or claims for fact-checking through online submission.

Present in the assembly as well are UP Department of Journalism’s Professor and Tsek.ph Secretariat Rachel Khan, Professor Yvonne Chua, Professor Maria Diosa Labiste, and UP Vice President for Public Affairs Elena Pernia.

Topic: Fact-checking

Original Article: UP partners with universities and media orgs for 2019 elections fact-checking

Article link: https://www.up.edu.ph/index.php/up-partners-with-universities-and-media-orgs-for-2019-elections-fact-checking/

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